The MOD Squad – Novogratz Style

The Novogratz

I’m addicted to interior decorating shows. I simply can’t get enough of them! Divine Design, Candice Tells All, Colour Confidential, Sarah’s Design Inc…I could go on. They’re all part of my daily diet of renovation programs. But for something more daring and left of centre, you need to get a taste of the distinct Novogratz style.

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Home By Novogratz is screened daily on the LifeStyle Home network and is hosted by the husband and wife team, Robert and Cortney Novogratz. It took me a while to jump on board the program. The signature Novogratz aesthetic is an acquired palette comprising of contemporary, ultra modern themes with a retro vibe.

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Their design concepts are targeted at the brave, for those seeking a look that is vibrant, innovative and unique. If you’re after interior décor that’s traditional, conservative and on the safe side of the spectrum, run the other way! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone.

The dynamic duo (whose inspirations are drawn from downtown New York) makes their own rules, anything goes, and there is no limit to their infinite creativity. Their process for renovating each space is intuitive, there is very little that is methodical about their vision. The designers allow their ideas to evolve by combining flea-market or vintage finds with high-end focal points; or bringing together an eclectic mix of furniture and accent pieces to create a layered effect with different elements of texture, colour and accessories. Ultimately, a dull boring room is transformed and used as a canvas to showcase their funky design sensibility.

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For maximum impact, Robert and Cortney like to mix a fusion of strong contrasting artistic themes and concepts that expresses the home owners’ individuality while delivering a room that’s bold, with a quirky charm and a character that is totally original. The final look of each project can polarise some people and may not necessarily float everyone’s boat, but the ultimate result still has a ‘wow’ factor that’s daring, hip and inspiring.

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Photos: Courtesy of HGTV.COM

15 thoughts on “The MOD Squad – Novogratz Style

  1. I am a home design junkie…I can’t do it so I watch other people do it, lol. But I agree with you, the Novogratz’s have a unique style and a WOW factor that is out of the box! I love seeing how they repurpose everyday items and not so everyday items in such cool ways.

    • I’m a home design junkie tooooo!!! I just lack creativity and the ability to execute my ideas. There are other shows from Candice Olson or Sarah Richardson – they’re great interior decorators – I’m hooked on their shows

  2. I love interior design as well, specially making my own appartment, which is unfortunatelly done for now. I am very satisfied, how does it look, just I would love to have more rooms to play with the design :-).

      • I agree with not having a large enough budget! I enjoy seeing all the different types of style and design. I am obsessed with these shows as well and wish I had their talent. I cannot wait to have the opportunity to go crazy with my first house. My favorite place to find unique things are thrift stores. They are a hit or miss but when you do find something, it’s worth the wait. Thanks for sharing, fun post to read.

      • We think alike! I’m the same, I could never come up with the concepts that they put together. I’ve never tried thrift stores before, but it’s a popular thing to do amongst designers.

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